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personality has no rules

Created in Switzerland. Made in Italy. Inspired by golf. Crafted for all athletes.

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Our collection features two styles, stir it up and let’s be discreet in four different models, depending on the players mood or mode.


stir it up

Full design from toe to ankle for the daring, adventurous athlete.

let's be discreet

White above the ankle but your foot is all you. Perfect for competition days and cheeky players.

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golf is changing, are you ready?

How you play is personal. The better you feel, the better you play. We used to have to hide who we really were and play like we were someone else.


But our favourite pass time is evolving. At onzé we believe you should always show who you are.


We are bringing personality and fun to the game of golf. And, finally, golf is ready.


limited collection

Each collection is limited, once it’s gone, it’s gone. We never sit still and never stop striving for the best.

quality first

Our socks are durable and stylish! Using premium technical materials.