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our story


The beginning 
It all started in the Swiss mountain town
of Crans Montana in 2020.

Jassim (our founder), a golf enthusiast and sock lover, one day realised that there were no socks that married his goofy personality with the technical needs of a good golf sock.


Fast forward a couple months and onzé was born.


We are here to bring a touch of fun spirit to the classic sport of golf for the modern athlete.

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Why onzé? 
Founded by one brother and two sisters, family is core to our brand! The number eleven has always been an important number as our parents and grandmother are all born on the eleventh. In French 'onze' means eleven.


You might have noticed that we are inspiring people to dare to be different. In French 'oser' means to dare. We love golf, however, there are some rules and stuffy attitudes holding it back from being appealing to younger generations and having fun. We are here to challenge the status quo, allowing players to show their personality, and it starts with wearing fun socks! 


the brother


Founder and passionate sock lover. Always outdoors whether it be skiing, playing golf or off-road on his mountain bike. Founded onzé because he wanted a golf brand that represented people like him! Living in Crans-Montana.


the sister


Co-founder leading everything visual and marketing at onzé. A designer by trade and at the very start of her golf journey! Living in London. 

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the intern


Helping us out with marketing, Dom is currently doing a Masters in Sport Science and Performance Coaching.
Living in Southampton. 

who are we?

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walking the talk

We focus on providing socks which fit golfers needs to a T. We believe that athletes need to feel as good as they look, both on their feet and in their heads.


Advanced materials are used to ensure socks enhance performance, not limit it.


Durability is key to ensure socks can go as hard as our athletes do.


We want our athletes to enjoy what they do, and how they look doing it.

our socks

onzé socks are here to help you make a stand, by delivering you first class socks with leading design. Whilst many brands are churning out lookalike designs, sourced from far eastern factories, we yearned for something different. As sock lovers we know the difference between well-made socks with correctly cut heel turns and smooth seam toe boxes, and mass-produced socks with irritating thread strands and bulky uncomfortable seams.


Our philosophy of ‘Design & Quality' is behind every pair of socks we design and is central to us choosing our manufacturing partners.

disrupt & innovate

Tired of bulky ‘sports’ socks, we wanted to deliver golfers a fine gauge sock, lightweight, seamless and well designed.  We truly believe these socks are the future. With footwear design evolving and shoes becoming more and more supple, the need for bulky sports socks is a thing of the past.  We believe treating your feet to some fine gauge socks, is a pleasure we can all afford.


We only make a few dozen pairs of each colour combination, then move onto a fresh new design. Our socks are made in the same way, whether they be no show or knee length, so the quality remains the same, the only thing that changes are our disruptive designs.